About Dean

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So why did a 73 year old dentist commit all this time and expense to create this website containing his family history, his music compositions and his short stories and poems? Fair question.

I come from a heritage where it is customary to leave a written record of one's time spent on earth-- mainly for the benefit of posterity. I have gained and continue to gain inspiration and strength from reading the many histories I have of my ancestors that tell of their experiences in life. Leaving a record of one's life and accomplishments is valuable to those who follow. It provides a connection to one's past and provides a template upon which decisions and actions can be founded going forward in life.

This musical record was created so that my posterity would know that I didn't just practice dentistry-- that I wasn't only a dentist. It is true that dentistry has been good to me. It has allowed me to support my family and give my children the opportunity to develop and pursue their goals in life. Dentistry has provided the funds needed to overcome the hardship presented by emergencies and health issues with various family members, and provide assistance to those less fortunate.

I will openly admit here, that I have always felt a desire to express myself musically; but never had the courage to attempt to actually make a living at performing and selling my music. One of my earliest memories is at some point in my preschool years, pulling myself up on the bed in the room I shared with some of my five sisters. I guess I would have been about four years old. I would pull myself up on the bed and reach over to the night stand and turn on the radio. This would have been about 1947. In Fairview, a small town of 500 people situated in the center of the State of Utah, there were only two radio stations available, country western and classical. I chose classical, and remember listening and pretending I was playing the violin. I thought the stringed instruments were beautiful and soothing. My three older sisters all were taking piano lessons; so at age 12 my Grandmother Carlston began teaching me piano. She helped me through the beginning books, and then turned me over to LaVar Jensen, a retired concert pianist who taught from his home in Manti, Utah, 33 miles away. I studied with this kind patient teacher for about 4 years until I left home at age 17 to live in Glendale, Arizona with my sister Sonya and her husband, Don Rogers.

The purpose for this website is to place my family history, musical compositions, short stories and poems on a canvas easily accessible to all. This is the method I have chosen to fulfill the desire and obligation I feel to leave a message for my family and others who might be interested. I will continue to add musical creations, stories, histories etc. for as long as I am able, and I intend to fund this site for several years after I am gone. Feel free to visit as you wish, and if you like, please register to receive updates via email.

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