My Music

Currently, I have two albums available, Cosmic Interludes and Stand By Love. Click on one of the album covers below to hear the music, read the stories, download the full album or a single song or make a purchase of the physical CD of the full album.

Singles From The Upcoming Bridges Album

The Garden

Forgive Me

Come Together

Sea Of Life

A Triumph Of The Soul

Amazing Grace

Earth is an Oasis

Cosmic Interludes

01 Improvisation in G Minor

02 Improvisation in C

03 Improvisation in F Minor

04 Improvisation in the Moroccan Room

05 Nadia's Theme

06 Improvising Mama's Favorite Hymns

07 Beethoven Trilogy with the Shoe Didn't Fit

09 Mama

Stand By Love

01 A Million Tomorrows

02 I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You

03 I Only Have Eyes For You

04 My Funny Valentine

05 Non Ho L'eta

06 Old Coat

07 The Long Black Veil

08 Time In A Bottle

09 Mama

A collection of songs for piano.
A collection of songs for guitar and voice.

A Triumph of the soul

Earth is an Oasis